Forensic Science Training

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Committed to the accreditation concept of continuous education, JLG Forensics combines the vast experience of its founders and colleagues to offer forensic science training to attorneys, crime scene investigators, laboratory scientists, and other forensic science professionals. Training courses are offered in the on-line format and the traditional in-person format.

For course descriptions of the below listed courses, please click on the “Attorney and Forensic Science Training” and select the training that interests you.

Courses for attorneys currently available include:

Courses for attorneys have been approved for CLE credit by the State Bar of California and due to reciprocity agreements with other states, these courses may qualify for CLE credit in your state (check your State Bar’s policies).

  • Current Legal Issues in Forensic Science
  • DNA for Lawyers Part I
  • DNA for Lawyers Part II

Several courses for attorneys are currently in development. Courses in DUI (including the hand held breath testing devices), forensic firearms, and handwriting will be offered in the next few months. Court Testimony Courses are offered in the in-person format. These courses can even be given in your office or laboratory facility to minimize time away from the lab or office.

Court Testimony Courses currently being offered include:

  • Surviving and Thriving in the Courtroom
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Courtroom Presentation of Evidence
  • dvanced Courtroom Testimony Workshop
  • Courtroom Boot Camp

Forensic Science course:

Courses in various areas of forensic science will be offered in the near future in the on-line and in-person format. The courses currently under development include: Basic Photography, Crime Scene Photography, Advanced Crime Scene Photography, Crime Scene Investigation, arson investigation, and more!