Attorney & Forensics Science Training

On-line Attorney Training (CLE credit) courses on DNA along with in-person Courtroom Testimony courses for Forensic Scientists are being offered. Many other courses are being developed and will soon be offered online or in person.

Courtroom Testimony Training

For Crime scene investigators, forensic medical professionals, and forensic scientists

Surviving & Thriving in the Courtroom

This one day course provides an overview of the skills necessary to survive and thrive in the courtroom. Although this class is primarily focused on the new or entry level analyst everyone can benefit from the information provided. Students are taught specific skills to improve their performance on the witness stand while maintaining a relaxed and attentive demeanor. Some of the topics covered include, “The Fear of Public Speaking”, “How to Use Visual Aides Effectively”, “How to Channel Nervous Energy”, and “How Juror’s Learn and Remember”. This one day offering does not include any presentation exercises.

Class size: Unlimited for a specific agency or group. Contact us for registration details.

Powerful Presentations

This two day course covers the communication requirements necessary to become a confident and successful witness or public speaker. Many of the modules from the three day Courtroom Presentation of Evidence course are offered here. There are four presentation exercises with each student receiving feedback and coaching from colleagues and staff. The exercises include a self-introduction, a presentation to emphasize eye contact, another to focus on gestures and the last to concentrate on voice. There are no prerequisites for this class.

Class size: 15 – 20 students.  Contact us for registration details.

Courtroom Presentation of Evidence

This three day interactive course teaches the basic skills of courtroom presentation of evidence. Students participate in five presentation exercises with the last one in a courtroom setting. Students dress for court and undergo the process of qualifying, voir dire, direct and cross examination utilizing a visual aid to complement their testimony. Each student is given feedback from colleagues and from staff. Testimony can be video taped if requested. There are no prerequisites for this class.

Class size: 12-16 students. Contact us for registration details.

Advanced Courtroom Testimony Workshop

This two day advanced course is designed for content specific testimony as well as improving presentation style. Each course has a specific technical theme, such as Firearms, Fire Cause Investigation, Trace Evidence or DUI (Driving under the influence). Each student is given a hypothetical case which requires them to prepare both direct and cross examination questions on their assigned portion of the case. During the courtroom exercise each student ‘inherits’ the testimony of the previous witness as they build upon their testimony until the conclusion of the case. The Courtroom Presentation of Evidence course is a prerequisite for the advanced class.

Class size: 12 students. Contact us for registration details.

Courtroom Boot Camp

This four and a half day intensive training course offers the new forensic expert or law enforcement professional the skills to become a confident and effective witness. Students are taught the ins and outs of the courtroom process, how their testimony builds upon one another and the rigors of direct and cross examination. There are six exercises with the final exercise conducted in a courtroom. This course complies with SWGDAM requirements under Article 7: Legal Issues for successful completion of casework Criminalists.

Class size: 12 students. Contact us for registration details.

Courses Being Developed

  • Blood Spatter
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Arson Investigations