Lance Gima President JLG Forensics

Lance Gima

JLG Forensics Co-founder, President and Director

Lance has been a practicing Forensic Scientist for almost 38 years. Beginning in 1974 he worked continuously for the CA Dept. of Justice (DOJ) until his retirement in May of 2008. Lance spent his early years as Criminalist processing crime scenes, conducting examinations on firearms, physiological fluids, hairs, fibers, arson, and drug and alcohol evidence. Additionally, he has testified over 1,000 times in his career, lectured on various aspects of Criminalistics, and has given formal presentations at scientific seminars across the country.

Starting in 1989 Lance spent 13 years establishing the CA DOJ’s DNA laboratory. As Director of the DNA Laboratory, Lance managed over 140 employees and was responsible for six programs involving DNA technology. In 2002, Lance was promoted to the position of Chief of the Bureau of Forensic Services. As Chief, Lance was in charge of all aspects of running the DNA Laboratory and 10 full service regional forensic science laboratories. Additionally, Lance oversaw operations of CA DOJ’s Latent Print, Question Document, Toxicology units as well as the California Criminalistics Training Institute. Following his retirement from CA DOJ, Lance remained active in the profession of forensic science.

Lance has severed as a member of the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center (HRC) Advisory Board and partnered with the HRC in a project utilizing DNA technology to reunite families separated as a result of El Salvador’s civil war. Lance has served on Chile’s Presidential Commission on DNA, established to assist Chile in identifying the human remains of the “disappeared”. Lance also assisted Chile’s genetics laboratory by preparing them for accreditation. For the past two years, Lance has been the Conference of Western Attorneys General, Alliance Partnership Forensic Science Program Director. In this role, Lance has provided training to attorneys, forensic scientists, and crime scene investigators in Mexico and consulted with Mexico’s Laboratory Directors on crime laboratory building design, development of forensic science data bases, and strategies in dealing with Mexico’s missing persons challenge.

Jim Gingo JLG Forensics

Jim Gingo

JLG Forensics Co-founder, Director and Secretary

While working with access control installations he recognized the need to simplify the Identification badge / access card production process for both reseller and end users.
Mr. Gingo was a pioneer in the early adoption of digital imaging and thermal printing technologies for plastic cards in replacing instant-film technologies prevalent back in the mid-1990’s.

In founding TransTech Systems in 1994, he was able to bring one of the first, turnkey, card design, personalization, and printing systems to market. Today, TransTech is one of largest domestic distributors and integrator of identification card products of secure identification products.

Mr. Gingo is active in several organizations devoted to maintaining the integrity and viability of the channel, including the Document Security Alliance, a public-private consortium co-founded by the US Secret Service, the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), and the Security Industry Association (SIA) where he currently serves as Treasurer, a co-chair of the Government Infrastructure Security End-User Group, chairman of the Research Committee and as a member of the Government Relations and Systems Integration Committees, as well as the PIV, RFID and Government Summit ad hoc subcommittees. Mr. Gingo is also a board member of the newly-formed Ashar Foundation, dedicated to promoting more effective national security protection, particularly in the area of cyberspace.

He is a past-president of the Identification Systems Dealer Association (ISDA) a trade association of Identification products companies serving the North American market. He holds a BS degree from Santa Clara University in biology.[/box]

Michael Chamberlain

Michael Chamberlain is a Deputy Attorney General in the Criminal Division of the California Department of Justice.  Prior to that, he served as a Deputy District Attorney in San Diego and Contra Costa counties following graduation from Hastings College of the Law.

Mr. Chamberlain is counsel for California’s Bureau of Forensic Services, and provides training and consultation on DNA/forensic evidence topics to law enforcement and prosecutors statewide and nationally.  In that capacity he is a frequent lecturer for the California Criminalistics Institute, California Association of Criminalists, and California Association of Crime Laboratory Directors.  He acted as staff counsel to the California Crime Laboratory Review Task Force.

Mr. Chamberlain also represents California in trial and appellate litigation involving DNA and other forensic evidence.  He provides legislative advice to the State, and played a lead role in drafting and implementing California’s DNA Data Bank Program law.  He is a past Chair of the State Bar of California’s Criminal Law Section Executive Committee.

Ken Jones

Ken Jones is currently a sworn police officer working for the Portland Police Bureau in Portland , Oregon USA.  He has been assigned to the Forensic Evidence Division for the last sixteen years.  His career in law enforcement started in 1989 as a Reserve Officer and was hired in 1990 and served six years working uniform patrol as a Portland Police Officer.

In 1996 Criminalist Jones was promoted to the rank of Criminalist and is the senior forensic investigator for the City of Portland.  He specializes in the following areas of forensics:

  • Latent Fingerprint Development and Comparison
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Forensic Photography
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction

Criminalist Jones additional duties include assignment to a specialized crowd control team, Hazardous Materials Crime Scene Processing, and training Criminalists, Detectives and Officers.  He has attended numerous professional forensic courses and is a member of the following three professional associations:

  • International Association of Identification – certified in crime scene processing
  • International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts
  • Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction

Criminalist Jones obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in the Administration of Justice from Portland State University and currently develops and instructs forensic courses in the areas of Crime Scene Management, Forensic Photography, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and the Recognition, Documentation and Collection of Firearms Evidence.

Since 2009 he has instructed internationally to judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, criminal investigators,  police officers and forensic investigators from a variety of Mexican states in cooperation with the U.S. – Mexico Alliance Partnership (CWAG), The Oral Trial Training Center of the Americas and the Council for the New Judicial Reforms of the State of Michoacán Mexico.[/box]

Raymond J. Davis

Raymond J. Davis is the author and presenter of several courtroom communication courses he developed in 1988. Has trained over four thousand CSI experts, SART nurses, DNA experts and Criminalists the skills to Survive & Thrive in the Courtroom ©.

Mr. Davis has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from California State University at Sacramento and joined the California State Department of Justice (DOJ) in 1972. He has been both a bench criminalist and a supervising criminalist during his career. He is a forensic scientist with over 32 years’ experience in general criminalistics.

Raymond is a member of the California Association of Criminalists and is currently serving on the board of directors as the immediate past president. He recently retired from the Department of Justice DNA laboratory in Richmond, California in February 2004.

Raymond began his career as a toxicologist and during his career developed expertise in general criminalistics. In December 1999, Mr. Davis joined the Department of Justice DNA Laboratory as a Professional Development Trainer in Berkeley, CA. During his career he has testified in over 1600 criminal, civil and Court Martial trials from Fairbanks to Dallas. He has made numerous presentations to law enforcement personnel, to members of the legal community and to forensic scientists.

Raymond is an established educator having designed classes for and presented technical information to the California Criminalistics Institute, San Jose State University, to numerous law enforcement agencies in the states of Washington, Utah, Idaho, California, Georgia, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, Pennsylvania and Oregon.

He is a P.O.S.T (Peace Officer’s Standard and Training) certified instructor. Raymond also provides his expertise to professional net working groups and businesses seeking to improve their promotional and interviewing skills. Raymond also teaches “Ethics and the Profession of Forensic Science to his colleagues around the country.[/box]