About JLG

Welcome to JLG Forensics, the leader in Forensic Science Training and RFID technology applications.

stock-photo-17990706-fingerprint2.jpgWhether it is the information that forensic science may possibly provide to an investigation or the CSI effect, judges and juries expect that forensic science professionals examine physical evidence in all of their cases and present the evidence evaluations in court. To assist attorneys, investigators, forensic scientists and forensic medical professionals meet this demand, JLG staff and faculty combine over 100 years of forensic science experience to offer low cost basic and advanced forensic science training as well as courtroom testimony training through online courses or through in-person classes taught near you. Click on the links below to see the courses offered and registration details.

Having operated forensic laboratories and been active participants in the security industries community, JLG’s founding partners understand the necessity of incorporating the latest RFID and security technology into crime laboratories, police departments, and forensic medical facilities. Click the links below to see the RFID and security applications developed and made available by JLG.

JLG is committed to being a good neighbor and friend. JLG financially supports the non-profit organization, JLG International, whose mission is to provide forensic science training and consulting services at no cost to our colleagues in Latin America and beyond.  Details of how you can help will be posted here in the next few months.


To Assist Attorneys, Forensic Scientists, Crime Scene Investigators, Forensic Medical Professionals and others to continuously improve their forensic science knowledge and skills through training and improve their operations utilizing the latest technology.

JLG Forensics’ mission is to assist attorneys, forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, and forensic medical professionals to improve their forensic science knowledge and skills through training. Additionally, JLG will work with police and forensic laboratory management to improve their operations by utilizing the latest RFID and security technology.

JLG Forensics’ founders and executive management combine approximately 100 years of experience in forensic science and the security industry to provide the technical training and service necessary for law enforcement and forensic science organizations to meet the expectations of today’s criminal justice system.


  • Offer low cost training to attorneys, forensic scientists, investigators and medical professionals utilizing online and in-person delivery strategies
  • Demonstrate to legal, law enforcement and forensic science professionals how to save money by incorporating RFID technology for asset, evidence, and case file control.
  • Make available the latest security solutions to legal, law enforcement and forensic science professionals.
  • Support JLG International so that US forensic scientists can assist their counterparts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
  • To provide the best products and online services possible, JLG Forensics has partnered with the following companies:  Forensic Training Network, TransTech Systems, Inc., and SimplyRFID.