"We have over 100 years of combined experience in Forensic Science and Attorney & Courtroom Testimony Training"

We provide professionals working in forensic science and law enforcement with forensic science training, RFID technology solutions, and security products and services to assist in the operation of their labs and departments.

Attorney & Forensics Science Training

On-line Attorney Training (CLE credit) courses on DNA along with in-person Courtroom Testimony courses for Forensic Scientists are being offered. Many other courses are being developed and will soon be offered online or in person.

Evidence and Asset Tracking using RFID

Utilizing the latest RFID and GPS technology, JLG Forensics has developed various evidence tracking systems. Systems have also been developed to track confidential files (folders), firearms, assets, and supplies. Click on picture for details.

Security and law enforcement products

JLG Forensics has partnered with trend setting companies to offer low cost evidence security systems as well as a law enforcement safety equipment testing device.